齋藤 岬


フリーランスピアニストとしての演奏活動、伴奏、録音などをこなすと同時に、写真撮影に励み、Getty Imagesなどに写真提供もしている。趣味は、ピアノ以外ではバレエ、フィギュアスケート、日本舞踊、旅行、写真撮影、お菓子作りなど。


Misaki Saito

Misaki Saito was born in Toyota, Aichi, Japan and began playing the piano at age eight. She has enjoyed a variety of experiences playing in communities in the United States and Japan, such as at vocational aid centers, hospitals, nursing centers, and recital halls. Ms. Saito is dedicated to bringing music to these locations in the hope of bringing happiness and relaxation. She is devoted to this calling due to her handicapped sister, who has given her inspiration to express music to all humanity.

Ms. Saito is now a first year Master of Music performance student at the Thornton School of Music in University of Southern California, studying with the eminent pianist Daniel Pollack. She attended the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan from 2007-2010. She attended Lynn University Conservatory of Music on full scholarship with Roberta Rust. She studied piano previously with Naoko Watanabe, Michael Coonrod, and organ with Thomas Bara. She performed in master classes of pianists Philippe Entremont, Jon Kimura Parker, Rebecca Penneys, Nicola Melville, John Milbauer, Brian Preston, Thomas Lymenstull, and Robert Palmer, among others. She also was a participant in chamber music master classes with eminent violinist’s Elmar Oliveira and Midori. She also a winner of Walenstein Competition in May 2013.

In addition to playing the piano, she developed a variety of interests such as ballet, figure-ice skating, Japanese traditional dance, voice, musical theatre, and ping-pong, while being home-schooled in her homeland.

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